Euro Auto launches 2 new MINI Cooper models

by investor 177 views Nguồn: VNS0

euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-modelsDistributor Euro Auto last week launched luxury compact cars new MINI Cooper Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman.
euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-models-1euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-models-2The new MINI Clubman is 4.253 metres in length and 1.8m wide and comes with many new options including air curtains and air breathers installed in the MINI for the first time.

It does 100km on 5.4 litres, while the MINI Cooper S Clubman needs 5.9 litres.
euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-models-3euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-models-4euro-auto-launches-2-new-mini-cooper-models-5The Clubman starts at a price of VND1.638 billion (US$75,000) and the S Clubman at VND1.799 billion ($82,500). — VNS

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